Is Your Cat Getting More and More Chubby?

This is Raja, our overweight cat!

Raja started out a reasonably svelte 12 lbs when we got her from a local shelter at age 7. Then, barely 2 years later, she was up to a hefty 15 lbs!

Diet cat foods were no help. Then, I happened to read a book: "Your Cat, Simple New Secrets To A Longer, Stronger Life" and it changed everything.

We invite you to follow our quest for a healthy weight-loss plan for this funny, personable and very talkative cat.

Hopefully, together we can help all our cats live healthier and thinner lives!

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Natura Dry Food Recall - Includes Innova EVO Low Carb Dry Food!

I am sorry to report that our cat's favorite lo-carb dry food has been recalled for possible Salmonella contamination.

We have been feeding our cat Innova EVO by Natura Pet for a very long time and in fact was feeding him a batch subject to this recall with no problems at all.

But, just to be on the safe side we returned the unused portion of Innova EVO dry food to Pet Supplies Plus with our receipt and got a no-hassle refund!

What a great store!

We temporarily replaced it with Wellness CORE Grain-Free Original for Adult Cats & Kittens dry food since we know it's also fairly low in carbohydrates.

Wellness CORE's carbs are somewhat higher than Innova EVO (12% for Wellness CORE vs 7% for Innova EVO), but it's a high-quality dry food and readily available at most major chain pet stores. (Refer to blog post: Low Carbohydrate Dry Cat Food Does Exist! BUT Is It Right For Your Cat? for complete details.

Fortunately our cat liked it, so we are now in business until Innova gets their supply chain back in order.

If you were feeding your cat Innova EVO dry formula, I can recommend Wellness CORE Original Formula as a temporary dry food.


The following is the official letter from the Natura Pet website describing the problem and offering information about expiration dates and refund forms.

Dear Natura Family,

We have some sad news to share. We are announcing today a voluntary recall of all Innova, California Natural, EVO, Healthwise, Mother Nature and Karma branded dry pet food and biscuit/bar/treat products with expiration dates prior to June 10, 2014.

We made this decision in part due to a single positive Salmonella test by the FDA on product manufactured April 3. Normally, this would have resulted in retrieval of product manufactured over just a few days. However, we are taking the additional precautionary measure to recall all products in the marketplace. Our first priority is the wellbeing of the pets we serve.

Our decision allows us to ensure that all products available in the marketplace were produced after June 10, the date when we implemented additional finished product testing procedures with the guidance of industry experts.

Below this message you will find instructions on how to request a replacement voucher or refund. If you have any further questions, please contact us at or (800) 224-6123.

We are truly sorry. We know this news disappoints you; we are disappointed too. Natura will always focus on high-quality ingredients, product safety and innovation in pet nutrition. We remain committed to making products you can trust.

Employees of Natura Pet Products

Locating the Expiration Date

Please use the guides below to locate the expiration date on your product.
California Natural
Mother Nature

Product Replacement Information

Download this form to request a replacement voucher or refund.

Updated Press Information

Download Press Release (PDF)


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