Is Your Cat Getting More and More Chubby?

This is Raja, our overweight cat!

Raja started out a reasonably svelte 12 lbs when we got her from a local shelter at age 7. Then, barely 2 years later, she was up to a hefty 15 lbs!

Diet cat foods were no help. Then, I happened to read a book: "Your Cat, Simple New Secrets To A Longer, Stronger Life" and it changed everything.

We invite you to follow our quest for a healthy weight-loss plan for this funny, personable and very talkative cat.

Hopefully, together we can help all our cats live healthier and thinner lives!

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Raja Gets the Verdict From the Vet About Her Low-Carb Diet

Cat at VetWell, it's now almost June and we took Raja to the vet in April. I hesitated to post the results of Raja's vet visit then because there were some mixed results and I didn't know how to react.

As you know she has been on a low-carbohydrate wet food diet since September, 2007 so we were eager to see how much weight she lost at her vet visit in April, 2008. The vet's scale is very accurate compared to our home scale so we decided to wait until the vet weighed her before reporting the results in this blog.

Well, here's where we had the "mixed" results. Did she lose weight? Yes, but...
Here's what happened. In March, 2007 she weighed 14.7 pounds at the vet. In April, 2008 she weighed 14.5 pounds. Yes, it's lower, but by only a few ounces. Not a significant weight loss, but at least no weight gain.

We and the vet were thrilled with this, but in truth I was a little disappointed that she hadn't lost a few pounds instead of just ounces. Don't get me wrong, considering Raja's sedentary lifestyle, we considered no gain a very positive result. Still, although it was definitely a trend in the right direction and she's noticeably healthier than a year ago, it's still a bit of a let down, at least for me.

How much healthier is Raja? Well, for one thing her blood and urine tests were perfect. Her coat is much shinier and softer to the touch and she stopped shedding completely last winter. That was new and welcome!

Also, Raja used to have a slight temporary limp when she got up after lying down too long. It was some sort of stiffness in her rear joints. But since going on her low-carb wet food diet, we've noticed she doesn't limp at all anymore. She also had trouble sitting on her back haunches (probably related to the cause of the limp) and now she sits and gets up all the time without any problem.

Are we glad we put Raja on a low-carb wet cat food diet and took her off dry food? You bet! She is more spry, her coat is shinier, and she is losing weight, albeit very slowly. But at least her weight gain has stopped and is trending downward, which we are thrilled about!

It's really good to see her able to jump better and now she even chases a laser light around. It's like she has new energy and physical health.

So, the bottom line is: Your results with weight loss may not be dramatic, but there's no denying the health benefits of a low-carbohydrate, all wet food diet for your cat, if Raja's any example!

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