Is Your Cat Getting More and More Chubby?

This is Raja, our overweight cat!

Raja started out a reasonably svelte 12 lbs when we got her from a local shelter at age 7. Then, barely 2 years later, she was up to a hefty 15 lbs!

Diet cat foods were no help. Then, I happened to read a book: "Your Cat, Simple New Secrets To A Longer, Stronger Life" and it changed everything.

We invite you to follow our quest for a healthy weight-loss plan for this funny, personable and very talkative cat.

Hopefully, together we can help all our cats live healthier and thinner lives!

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Raja, The Fat Cat Goes On A Diet (or so we thought)

Raja, the Fat Cat, in her usual pose... lying down!Back in March, 2007, we took our fat cat Raja, now 9 years old to the vet for her yearly checkup. After weighing her we found out she had a weight gain of almost 2 pounds since her last checkup a year earlier. Wow! We were a little surprised since she didn't look that different to us, but the scale didn't lie.

We asked the vet what to do to help her lose weight and he suggested we switch her from dry cat food to wet (canned) food.

We weren't ready to do that (as I'm sure you know, the convenience of dry food is very compelling) so we told the vet we would switch to a "diet" dry food instead. I could tell he wasn't thrilled with our plan, but he didn't argue strongly against it either. He did, however, warn us to carefully measure her dry food so she wouldn't overeat.

Dry Diet Food Will Fix Raja's Chubbiness, Right?
So we tried a premium "science" dry diet cat food and did the measuring and waited for Raja to shed the pounds. Well, soon it was August and she showed no signs of any weight loss. Checking her ribs for excess fat, I noticed it was difficult to feel them. What a difference from when we first got her 2 years ago!

As if that weren't bad enough, between March and August, Raja started lying around more than usual and wouldn't play with her toys as often. We figured that she was just getting "middle aged" and slowing down. After all she was over 9 years old.

Our Guests Feel Obligated To Comment On Raja's Physique
We weren't too concerned, since she seemed healthy otherwise, but we ended-up talking about her weight at least once a week, and visitors to the house would comment about how she looked fatter than the last time they saw her. But what could we do? We were already feeding her carefully measured amounts of "diet" dry food and a "scientific" weight-loss formula at that.

Apparently, we forgot the vet's advice about canned food or maybe we just blocked it out? Canned cat food wasn't convenient to leave out for any length of time and we thought it would probably cost more than dry food.

On top of that, we were convinced that Raja, like all cats, needed to "graze" which meant that there had to be food in Raja's bowl all day long. The only food that could last that long and not go bad was dry kibble. So we were hooked on dry "diet" cat food and were unwilling to change based on what we thought we knew about cats' feeding habits.

Meanwhile, poor Raja was getting lazier and maybe even fatter (we see her too often to be absolutely sure.)

It was clear we had to do something about Raja's weight gain, but exactly what? Fortunately, by accident, I stumbled upon a solution to our obese cat's chubbiness...

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